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Friend of Valerie Gordon
Mother of Lynette
Deceased, stabbed to death by Lynette for selling her for sex with Billy Swain in exchange for drugs
Episode Appeared In
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Yvonne was a friend of NYPD Detective Valerie Gordon, who was married at 18 and had a daughter, Lynette, who became Valerie's goddaughter. Yvonne raised her alone when her husband left her after Lynette's birth, and Valerie would check in with her from time to time. In 1989, Yvonne was deep into a crack addiction, being fed by a dealer named Billy Swain, but one night, Swain wouldn't give Yvonne any drugs because she had no money, and when she couldn't pay her debt Swain busted up the place, prompting a frightened Lynette to call Valerie in New York to come down to Miami, and Valerie called Metro-Dade Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs to help out until she got there. Tubbs chased Swain off and got Yvonne to the hospital, but Yvonne was uncooperative, only wanting out. Valerie planned to get Yvonne into a program for her addiction, but Yvonne wanted $300 cash, which she used to pay Swain in hopes of squaring their account and getting more drugs, but Swain refused, instead wanting to have sex with Lynette (an underage girl) in exchange for the drugs. Yvonne, being overpowered by her addiction, agreed, then changed her mind, after which Swain left the crack bag by her hand and again Yvonne agreed. After Swain had his way with Lynette, she came into the room where her mom was, angry and violated, found a kitchen knife and stabbed her mother to death, later Valerie tried (unsuccessfully) to pin the murder on Swain.