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William Maynard


Drug Smuggler (1985)
Head of operations, private soldier force for Nicaragua (1986)
As of 1986, in Nicaragua fighting in Nicaraguan Civil War
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William Maynard was a colonel in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and presumed operative of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was also known as "Captain Real Estate" (because everywhere he went the real estate got "hot") and "The Sergeant" (who was responsible for getting heroin out of Vietnam during the final days of Saigon in body bags). He worked with General William Westmoreland, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and admired President Richard Nixon.

Post War

After the war, he began to distribute his stash of heroin to make money on it, but due to it sitting for so many years exposed to wood alcohol (which is how bodies were preserved in Vietnam) it began to break down and the heroin became highly toxic, killing numerous people around the country, finally reaching Miami, where reporter Ira Stone and former soldier turned Vice cop James "Sonny" Crockett (both of whom served with Maynard) began investigating the deaths, which traced back to Maynard, who denied everything, but in reality was the one behind the drugs, and Stone had been working on a story about "The Sergeant". However Maynard had Stone's wife killed and shot Stone before Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs busted into his house in the Keys and saved Stone, but Maynard got away.


Maynard was a patriot, first and foremost, and was unhappy that the Nicaraguan Contras (who were fighting the pro-Communist Sandinistas) lost American aid in the mid 1980s (due to Congress fearing "another Vietnam"). In 1986 he began organizing groups of prominent business people (and federal judges like Ed Zarvo) to pool money to fund a private mercenary group to head to Nicaragua and fight the Sandinistas. Stone was in a town called Acension to film what he thought were American combat troops in the country in violation of the Boland Amendment, but they were members of Maynard's forces, who killed

Maynard 1986

Stone's cameraman and an American missionary, later Stone fled for Miami to look up Crockett, but Maynard had his men search for the tapes Stone made of the fighting to prevent their release to the media (exposing Maynard's operation), and kidnapped Stone and held until Crockett can come up with the original. He got a copy from reporter Alicia Mena, who had the original, but Maynard discovered it was a copy and then sent his man, O'Hara, to procure the original, but during the operation Mena was killed. Later Stone is held by Maynard at the takeoff site for his troops, when Crockett and Tubbs find him a shootout ensues, Stone is killed, and Maynard escapes to Nicaragua with his soldiers.