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William Kerwin
Miami Vice Character
April 17, 1927, San Diego, California
October 27, 1989, Hollywood, Florida (age 62, heart attack)
Hanna Landy (1952-58, divorced), one daughter
Connie Mason (1964-1989, his death), two daughters

William Kerwin (April 17, 1927 - October 27, 1989) was an American actor and writer who appeared in the show Miami Vice as Paul, one of Joey Bramlette's friends in the episode "Glades".


Kerwin was born in San Diego, California. He had a long career in films starting back in 1952's River Goddesses, and numerous westerns and horror movies, including voice-over roles in Herschell Gordon Lewis' horror flicks to warn the audience of the violence contained therein. Some of his other movie roles include Barracuda (with Will Knickerbocker), Absence of Malice (with Bob Balaban and Shawn McAllister), Porky's II: The Next Day (with Ilse Earl, Mal Jones, and Will Knickerbocker), The Heavenly Kid (with Mark Metcalf and Harold Bergman), and his final movie role, 1987's P.I. Private Investigations (with Ray Sharkey).

His TV career goes back to 1955's Schlitz Playhouse, other TV roles include Dragnet, Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, I Spy, Lancer, The Rookies (with Georg Stanford Brown), and his final TV role, Hunter.

Personal Life/Death

Kerwin married Hanna Landy in 1952 until their divorce in 1958, they had one daughter, Barbara (born 1954). He later married actress Connie Mason in 1964 until Kerwin's death on October 27, 1989, in Hollywood, Florida, of a heart attack at the age of 62. They had two daughters, Kim (born 1964) and Denise (born 1966).