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Wild Punks


Three wild punks: Ace, Snake, and unnamed third punk
Out for joyrides, stealing, and mayhem
All Deceased; Ace killed by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Snake killed by Larry Zito
Unnamed punk killed by James "Sonny" Crockett
Episode Appeared In
Played By
Frank Military ("Ace")
Michael Carmine("Snake")
Lionel Chute ("Unnamed third punk")

Wild Punks are three young men, known as Ace, Snake, and a third unnamed punk. They arrive in Miami in a stolen 1968 Plymouth GTX convertible, running other drivers off the road, mimicking gunfire, playing loud music and screaming. They arrive at the beach and indiscriminately shoot down a bookie belonging to Morgan, and shoot up one of his hot dog carts. The punks abandon their car (along with comic books, roaches, etc.) and move on to another car, a Cadillac, and they wreak havoc inside a nightclub where Crockett and Tubbs are, however Crockett is distracted by Brenda, his new love interest, and does not back Tubbs up so the punks get away, rob a liquor store and kill the clerk. They then continue their mayhem inside a cafe, pouring relish and ketchup on Izzy Moreno's shoes, then when he contacts Morgan's people, the punks kill the men just after they arrive, and shoot up the cafe. Finally, the hit another Morgan hot-dog wagon, but this time the Vice cops were ready, and Tubbs shoots down Ace trying to rob him of his bag of money, Zito kills Snake, and after a brief car chase, Crockett shoots down the third punk just after he exclaims, "Nobody Lives Forever!"