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Wavey Davey


Mechanic for smuggler Jimmy Cole
Part of smuggling extortion conspiracy with Homicide Lieutenant Jones
Incarcerated, drug distribution and conspiracy to commit murder
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Wavey Davey is the mechanic for smuggler Jimmy Cole and part of the smuggler extortion conspiracy run by the corrupt Metro-Dade Homicide Lieutenant Jones. He took care of Jimmy's plane and makes it "run like a stallion". He also was helping Jones to extort money from smugglers to prevent their families from being killed by explosive devices tied to their spouses/girlfriends/etc. When Davey kidnapped Trudy Joplin (posing as Tubbs' "Wife") and prepared to extort money from him, Jimmy arrived to defend Tubbs and Crockett, Davey was subdued and arrested for his part in the extortions, and gave information that saved Trudy.