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Walter Stevens


Metro-Dade Sergeant, Statistical Analysis
Leader of Vigilante "Shadow" Group
Deceased, shot by Captain Richard Highsmith to protect his role in group
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Walter Stevens was a Metro-Dade Sergeant in the Statistical Analysis Division. As an officer, Stevens was shot on duty and transferred to the Records department while recovering from his wounds. Stevens was never recalled to duty as a regular officer because he "showed little leadership potential", so he formed his own group of current police officers who feel as he does--the justice system is lacking in common sense and enforcement, letting drug dealers and killers go after shortened sentences only to repeat the same offenses over and over again. Stevens noticed the frustration in two Metro-Dade Vice cops, James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, and offered them to join their group, and they reluctantly did, telling them they cannot get out once in (and killed a member, Johnny, who tried to leave, even with a promise of silence), but Stevens found the duo was not ready to completely break from the police (even though they agreed with Stevens about the state of the judicial system), and his men engage in a gunfight with Metro and SRT, Stevens tries to escape but is stopped by Crockett, who is told Stevens' support runs higher than anyone thinks, and when Stevens is killed by Captain Richard Highsmith, Crockett knew how high it went.