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Walt Harrison


DEA Agent
Informant for Orlando Calderone
Deceased, shot dead by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs for giving up his family to Calderone
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Agent Walt Harrison was an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration assigned to Miami, working with his partner, Bill Lyons. Harrison was also an informant to the drug dealer Orlando Calderone, and provided information about Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, who Calderone had a $1 million bounty on, avenging his father's death. Harrison used his DEA credentials to provide Tubbs' file, then the whereabouts of Calderone's sister Angelina Madeira and son Ricardo Tubbs, Jr.. When Angelina is killed by a car bomb planted by her brother, Tubbs tracked down Harrison (after being told DEA files were found at the shack that SRT blew up trying to get Calderone) at Falcon's Restaurant, when he and Lyons emerged Tubbs challenged him, Harrison and Lyons trying to escape under a hail of gunfire, Tubbs' partner James "Sonny" Crockett killed Lyons and Tubbs bum-rushed Harrison's car, opened fire, killing Harrison and sending his car into the Miami River.