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W. Paul Bodie
Miami Vice Characters
Tough Guy ("Walk-Alone")
Pimp ("Asian Cut")
Police Officer ("World of Trouble")

W. Paul Bodie made his acting debut as a tough guy with the drug dealer Carlo Amati in the episode "Walk-Alone", as a pimp in the episode "Asian Cut", and a police officer in the episode "World of Trouble" of the series Miami Vice. He also appeared in the 1991 film "Chains of Gold" with John Travolta.

From Nassau,Bahamas W. Paul Bodie came to America to receive an education. Currently he holds a Bachelors degree in Business. After receiving his education he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Not only his acting is only talent, Bodie is a very gifted singer, but acting will always be his number one. To this day, he is currently residing in Miami, Florida and still acting.

Selected Filmography

Napoleon Bird–Pilot (1991) … Napoleon Bird

Capt. Peralta–Addicted to Love (2011) … Capt. Peralta