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Vincent DeMarco


Lombard organization lieutenant
Deceased, killed by Jerry Carrow aboard Lombard's yacht
Played By

Vincent DeMarco (1948-1984) was a lieutenant working for crime boss Al Lombard, running many of Lombard's bookmaking and gambling enterprises in Miami. When he came under investigation by the Organized Crime Bureau, he attempted to frame Crockett for corruption.

He was eventually coerced into assisting OCB with their investigation into Lombard, but was killed by Jerry Carrow in revenge for the murder of his wife, Barbara.


As a major lieutenant in Al Lombard's organization, it was ultimately DeMarco's responsibility to recover the gambling debt owed to Mickey by Barbara Carrow. To this end, DeMarco seized the work tools belonging to Barbara's husband, Jerry, intending to sell them and recoup some of the debt. This drew the attention of Crockett, a friend and former lover of Barbara's, who subsequently began to put pressure on DeMarco to force him to return the tools. Instead, DeMarco set Crockett up on a phoney corruption charge, contacting IAD and fingering the Vice cop as an officer on the take before setting him up in an IAD sting run by Detective Schroeder -- DeMarco met with Crockett and handed him $8,000, claiming that the money was the cash he received from the sale of Jerry's tools. As soon as Crockett took the payment, Schroeder moved in and arrested him for taking a bribe, much to DeMarco's amusement. Soon afterwards, DeMarco met with Barbara Carrow to suggest an alternative means by which she could repay him, inviting her into his limo. She was later killed as an example of what happens to those who don't pay their debts.

While Crockett was suspended, his partner Tubbs (as Richard Taylor) went to work on DeMarco, ingratiating himself with the loan shark and eventually securing employment with him as a debt collector. Using his newfound position on the inside, Tubbs turned the tables on DeMarco and subjected him to a little setup of his own -- after collecting a debt, Tubbs lied to Lombard about the amount recovered, leading the crime boss to believe DeMarco was skimming a cut for himself. Lombard put his goons on DeMarco, placing him under constant surveillance and watching his every move.

Eventually, a frantic DeMarco called Tubbs for protection, which he provided -- in exchange for rescinding his allegations against Crockett and helping the Vice squad secure incriminating evidence against Lombard. With no alternative, DeMarco agreed. The meet went down on board Lombard's yacht, but a terrified DeMarco broke down and confessed his deception to Lombard before the crime boss had incriminated himself. At that moment, Jerry Carrow, who had stowed away aboard the vessel, burst in and killed the grovelling DeMarco in revenge for the murder of his wafe.