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Vince Wilson


DEA Agent
Deceased, killed by drug dealer Mendez's men
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Agent Vince Wilson was an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, assigned to the agency's San Antonio, Texas office. He was working undercover as a "mule" bringing drugs in via his 18-wheeler. His father, Roy Wilson, was a Texas Ranger and partner of Jake Pierson. When his father was killed in a shootout with the Rujeros Gang, Pierson vowed to look after Vince. In August, 1986, Wilson was working undercover on a dealer named Mendez, a Bolivian moving large loads of cocaine. Wilson and Mendez had a meet during which Wilson showed his snakeskin boots, after which Mendez asked how he could afford the boots on a cop's salary, and his killed by Mendez's men, and his body dumped into the water. After Wilson's death, Pierson came after Mendez to avenge Vince's death.