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Clerk, Justice Department
Incarcerated, consipracy and obstruction of justice
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Vicky was a clerk in the Justice Department, with complete access to all police files, including search warrants and other types of warrants. In 1987 Vicky and her boyfriend, Metro-Dade SID Officer Glenn McIntyre began an operation where they provided advance warning of search warrants to suspects in exchange for money, but the suspects would then booby-trap the locations where the cops would raid, resulting in deaths and/or injuries to policemen around Dade County. McIntyre brought in the recently "unemployed" Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs to the plan to provide case files on suspect Onofrio Avila for a large sum of money, which McIntyre planned to retire with Vicky and get out of the business. However, when Tubbs (as part of a plan to flush the leak out) signed a warrant on McIntyre, it was a setup to get the leak (Vicky) to alert McIntyre, then the leak would be identified, and Vicky was arrested after being found, but would not cooperate with the police in their efforts to find McIntyre (and Tubbs) before the Vice detective is killed by Avila and McIntyre.