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Vic Romano


Metro-Dade Vice Detective, Overtown Division
Deceased, shot dead in shootout by Silk
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Vic Romano was a detective with the Metro-Dade Overtown Division, working Vice. During his latest undercover assignment, he became involved with a prostitute named Carla Cappoletti, eventually falling in love despite being married to his wife, Jennifer. During a Metro-Dade OCB Vice raid of the Ramrod Hotel, he and Carla were found, Carla was taken to jail for possession of a sample of 100% pure pharma cocaine, which Romano claimed to have gotten from a confidential informant, Roxanne Young (in the same pimp stable, Silk, as Carla). Castillo is ready to take Romano's badge for his conduct but James "Sonny" Crockett offers to work with him to get to the source of the cocaine. Romano continued to contact Carla (despite Castillo's order not to), while Romano's wife, Jennifer, continues to stand by him, saying she is aware of his undercover way of life. Romano is placed under house arrest while Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs tries to work with Carla but gets nowhere, so Romano is brought back in and participates in a shootout with Silk and his partner, Duane, but is shot himself by Silk and dies in Carla's arms. Metro-Dade lifts Romano's suspension for his funeral, noting he died trying to get Carla off the streets (which he stated to Crockett several times), but Carla goes back to hooking again after Romano's death.