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Manager of exclusive men's clothing store
Incarcerated for murder of Dale Gifford
Played By

Vanessa was the manager of an exclusive men's clothing store in Miami and the girlfriend of Louis McCarthy. When OCB launched an investigation into McCarthy, she became romantically involved with Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs.

Soon afterwards, Vanessa was arrested (by Tubbs) when it became apparent she was responsible for the murder of Dale Gifford, McCarthy's accountant.


Vanessa ran an exclusive Miami clothing store bought for her by her boyfriend, drug smuggler Louis McCarthy. Unknown to McCarthy, she was also having an affair with his accountant Giff, who in return was discretely funnelling money from McCarthy's accounts into hers; by 1984, she had accumulated around $250,000 in this way.

When Crockett and Tubbs began investigating McCarthy on drug smuggling charges, Vanessa began another fling, this time with Tubbs (undercover inside McCarthy's circle as Richard Taylor). At the same time, she attempted to break off her affair with Giff, who responded by threatening to tell McCarthy about her financial misdeeds if she did not continue their relationship. Refusing to be blackmailed, Vanessa shot Giff dead and dumped him into Biscayne Bay. Although the body was almost immediately discovered, Vanessa's involvement remained secret until Izzy Moreno later informed Crockett that he had not only witnessed the murder, he had recovered the gun afterwards. When Crockett passed this information onto Tubbs, Tubbs reluctantly arrested Vanessa for murder himself.