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Hank Weldon Hank Weldon 7 January 2015

A newby's Favourite Episodes

Hello fellow Miami Vice Fans,

I am only new to this fabulous site as I only joined yesterday. However I have watched Miami Vice since the 80's as a teenager / young adult. I now have all 5 seasons on DVD and I am a regular watcher still. Thanks to everyone who posted info and pictures on this site, this site is a treasure trove to Vice fanatics like myself.

Anyway, my first blog is going to be about my 5 favourite episodes. I know there are so many good episodes but these 5 are my favourites for various reasons:

1. Out Where the Buses Don't Run (obviously!!!) - Season 2

2. Lend Me An Ear - Season 3

3. Viking Bikers From Hell - Season 3

4. Killshot - Season 3

5. Indian Wars - Season 4

As you can see Season 3 is my favourite of all the Seasons!!!


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