Miami Vice Wiki

Hello! I am the creator of and site administrator for the Miami Vice Wiki! Please feel free to look over the site and edit anything you feel will make the site more useful.

Personal Information

Real Name: Robert D.

Age: 40+

Hometown: US of A

Occupation: Tech Desk Supporter/Site Administrator

About Me: Was born early enough to have enjoyed Miami Vice during the original network run, taped it each Friday while I went out for the evenings (boy I wish I had kept those tapes), then when it began broadcasting on TNN/Spike, TV Land, and Sleuth, watched it each day until the DVDs came out, I have almost wore out Seasons 1-2.

Why I started the Miami Vice Wiki: I found the information about the show (though it was considered a hallmark of the 1980s) was limited, except for and a few other locations. I noticed how big my other favorite show, Star Trek, had become on Wikia so I decided to start one for Miami Vice, to give those fans of the show somewhere to read up on everything VICE!

Miami Vice

Favourite MV episodes: Walk-Alone, especially the end when Castillo gets Tubbs out of jail to "In Dulce Decorum", shows just how bad-ass Castillo is!

Back in the World, because I was a child of the Vietnam War, and I love the Doors soundtrack!

Favourite MV character: Castillo. Ultimate boss, tough as nails but backs you to the hilt!

Favourite MV vehicle: Tubbs' Caddy Convertible--I love older cars, especially the larger convertibles!