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Miami Vice Performer
Members (as Underworld)
Karl Hyde (vocals/guitars)
Rick Smith (keyboards)
Alfie Thomas (guitar)
Bryn Burrows (drums)
Baz Allen (bass)

Underworld was an English electro-pop band whose songs "Glory! Glory!" (in "Badge of Dishonor") and "Underneath the Radar" (in "Hostile Takeover") appeared in the series Miami Vice.


Underworld was formed in 1987 out of the remnants of an earlier band, Freur. The brains behind Freur, vocalist/guitarist Karl Hyde and keyboardist Rick Smith, joined up with fellow Freur members Alfie Thomas and Bryn Burrows and new bassist Baz Allen. The group recorded two albums, Underneath the Radar (featuring "Glory! Glory!" and the title cut, which was the group's only Billboard Hot 100 single) and Change the Weather in 1990. Underworld in its electro-pop form disbanded with no record deal and in heavy debt in 1990.

With the help of DJ Darren Emerson, Hyde and Smith re-formed Underworld as an electronic dance music act in 1991, for which they are far more well known, recording eight studio albums as of 2019, the hit singles "Born Slippy .NUXX" and "Two Months Off", and multiple soundtracks including original music for the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games.