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Tyler Duvalle


Car thief
Unknown, presumed incarcerated
Played By

Tyler Duvalle was a small-time car thief.

When he stole a van linked to Desmond Maxwell's rip-off crew, he was wrongly arrested on suspicion of shooting Detectives Price and Esteban.


Duvalle came across a van unattended on the street and stole it, not realizing it had previously been used in a series of drug rip-offs perpetrated by Desmond Maxwell and his crew. Thus, when he was picked up by police, he was linked to Maxwell's crimes, including the shooting of Detectives Price and Esteban, the former of whom had died as a result. Duvalle's story that he had merely found the van was not believed, and he was brutally beaten by Homicide Detective Alessi, who hoped the abuse would extract a confession. Duvalle's torment came to an end when Crockett and Rodriguez became aware of Alessi's actions, having him taken off the case.

While cleared of shooting Price and Esteban, it is presumed Duvalle was charged with auto theft, although the nature of his interrogation at Alessi's hands may have seen him cut some slack.