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Tubbs' Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs drove a light metallic blue 1964 Cadillac Coupe De Ville convertible throughout Miami Vice's run, in stark contrast to the expensive Ferraris driven by his partner James "Sonny" Crockett, and yet somehow far more befitting of his tough, street-smart New Yorker character.

Unlike the sports cars driven by Crockett, which were ultimately owned by the Metro-Dade police department, it seems possible that Tubbs owned his Cadillac himself, as it is first seen when he suddenly arrives to work in it in "Give a Little, Take a Little".


The car was Tubbs' personal transport (whenever he wasn't riding with Crockett in one of his Ferraris) for the entire series. On occasion, it would be the main vehicle Crockett and Tubbs used in cases, either because there was a high risk of wrecking one of Crockett's beloved cars, Crockett was without a car or simply because a less conspicuous vehicle was required.  The convertible feature of the vehicle allowed the show to continue having open air driving scenes (with Crockett riding shotgun) after the Daytona was destroyed and replaced by the hardtop Testarossa.

Real Cars

At least two 1964 Coupe De Ville convertibles were used in the filming of the show, distinguishable by the differences in their interior -- one of the cars was fitted with a white steering wheel and the original plastic dashboard, while the other had a black steering wheel and a customized foam-padded dashboard. There were also minor differences in the paint schemes on the cars, owing to the fact both vehicles were resprayed with a bespoke, custom paint to fit in with the show's color scheme. This difference can be readily observed several times on the show, particularly in well-lit daytime scenes, with the car with the white steering wheel having a slightly greenish tint compared to the other blue/grey car.

The shows producers seemed to make little or no effort to maintain continuity between the two Cadillacs. In fact, sometimes they were used inconsistently within a single episode; most notably, Crockett and Tubbs can be seen driving in the Cadillac with the white steering wheel in "When Irish Eyes Are Crying", only for it to suddenly change to the car with the black steering wheel and padded dash several shots later.

After the show, one of the Cadillacs was purchased by a private collector. It is believed to have been fully restored, and remains in private ownership. The whereabouts of the second car are not known.