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Trudy Joplin


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Marital Status
In a relationship with Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Intelligence Analyst, Metro-Dade Organized Crime Bureau-Vice Division

Trudy Joplin (played by Naomie Harris) is an Intelligence Analyst working for the Miami-Dade Police Department's Organized Crime Bureau - Vice Division in the film adaptation of the Miami Vice television series. Trudy has the ability to remain calm and level-headed under pressure, and is in a long-term relationship with fellow Vice officer Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs.

Career In Vice

Trudy is first seen inside The Mansion, performing close surveillance during the operation to bust Neptune. She also goes to see informant Nicholas with the rest of the Vice team, becoming abusive towards him when he argues against helping them (filling the stereotype "bad cop" role). Trudy is later captured by Coleman's Aryan Brotherhood goons and held inside a booby-trapped trailer; while her rescue by the rest of the Vice team is successful, the bomb is detonated before she is clear and the resulting explosion grievously wounds her. Doctors are unsure of her chances, but after Coleman, his boss José Yero and all of their men are killed or apprehended by the Vice team Gina wakes from her coma, implying she will recover fully from her injuries.

Director's Cut

Added in the Director's Cut of the film is a brief scene where Tubbs phones Trudy following his meeting with Arcángel de Jesús Montoya to discover that someone has sent her a large bouquet of flowers. Tubbs returns to Miami and meets with Trudy in a diner to discuss the matter. When he suggests that she needs to be careful, Trudy becomes angry, pointing out that Tubbs' undercover work puts him at far greater risk than her.


Trudy drives a black 2006 Dodge Charger R/T in the film. After her kidnapping and injury, the car is used by the rest of the team to drive to the final confrontation with Yero. Crockett then takes it to get Isabella to safety.


Trudy's sidearm is a Smith & Wesson 457 in .45 ACP, although she is never seen using it on screen. Similarly, as she is incapacitated throughout the two shootouts in the film, she is not seen using any other weaponry either, although her position as an intelligence analyst may mean she has only basic weapons training.

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