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Trini DeSoto


Calderone cartel lieutenant
Deceased, shot by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Played By

Trini DeSoto (1949-1984) was a lieutenant working for drug lord Esteban Calderone, also acting as a hitman on his boss' behalf. His signature method of killing was to dress as a woman so as to conceal himself from his intended victims until it was too late for them to react.

DeSoto was shot dead by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs during a failed attempt at assassinating the officer.


Early life and working for Calderone

Originally from Cuba, DeSoto arrived in Miami following the Mariel boatlift and learned English from watching classic American TV shows. Perhaps as a result, he was known to speak in a voice that was "on the festive side".

After arriving in Miami, DeSoto went to work for Esteban Calderone, both as a trusted lieutenant and as an hitman, eliminating anyone who was working against his boss. His known victims included Corky Fowler, killed with a car bomb for attempting to go into business for himself, Detective Eddie Rivera, an unintended victim of the same bomb, and Leon Jefferson, who was killed because he planned to "spill the beans" to the Metro-Dade Police Department.


DeSoto in drag

While setting up a deal between Calderone and a New York dealer named Teddy Prentiss, DeSoto received word from DEA Lieutenant-turned-informant Scottie Wheeler that Prentiss was actually Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, a cop with the NYPD in Miami in pursuit of Calderone. DeSoto arranged to meet Tubbs in an alley under the guise of continuing their previously-agreed deal, but in reality planned to assassinate Tubbs, disguising himself in drag for the job. However, just as he was about to kill Tubbs, Crockett and a Metro-Dade patrol unit appeared -- DeSoto opened fire on both, but was shot down by Tubbs before he could harm any officers.


  • DeSoto actor Martin Ferrero would later adopt the recurring role of Izzy Moreno on the show, a hapless street informant who regularly worked with Crockett and Tubbs (coincidentally, Izzy was also said to have arrived in Miami as part of the Mariel boatlift). Ferrero's role as Izzy would make him the only actor outside of the main cast to appear in every season of the series.