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Tony Arcaro


Drug Dealer
Deceased, killed by retired Vice detective Hank Weldon in 1979, entombed in abandoned building until 1985
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Tony Arcaro was a drug dealer in Miami, responsible for a large amount of the narcotics being moved in the south Florida area. He was the subject of a three year investigation by Vice detectives Hank Weldon and Marty Lang which culminated in Arcaro's arrest, but on February 18, 1979, due to an unspecified technicality, Arcaro was released, and proudly displayed his newspaper headline to the media. Weldon, who was obsessed with Arcaro, kidnapped him after his release, killed him, had him entombed into a wall in an abandoned building, which was built by Lang, and would not be found until 1985, when Weldon and Lang revealed Arcaro's presence during an investigation into the dealings of Freddie Costanza, Bernie Wingo, and Ray Pinchada, all former employees of Arcaro's.

Tony Arcaro in 1985