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Tony Amato


Arms dealer
Rita Amato (wife)
Deceased, killed by his wife Rita Amato
Played By

Tony Amato (1955-1984) was an international arms dealer. He was the subject of investigations by both the Organized Crime Bureau and the FBI, but was rendered untouchable thanks to protection from another federal agency (very likely the CIA) in return for his international connections.

Despite his immunity from prosecution, Amato was shot dead by his wife Rita as a result of his repeated abuse of her.


Early life and marriage

Amato's marriage to Rita was anything but idyllic -- he subjected his wife to relentless mental and physical abuse, making her life a living hell. Yet he also refused to let her leave him, ruthlessly intimidating the divorce lawyer she hired to try and escape from her unhappy marriage into dropping the case. Amato's continued abuse of his wife drove her virtually to the brink of hiring a hitman to have him killed.

Dealing Stinger missiles

When two of Amato's associates, former National Guard soldiers Gentile and Ramone, broke into an armory and stole a consignment of Stinger ground-to-air missiles, Amato established a deal to sell the weapons to a Jamaican named DuPass. However, the theft drew the attention of the FBI, who launched an investigation into Amato. Meanwhile, Gentile and Ramone took part in another failed deal to sell hand grenades -- in fact a sting organized by the Organized Crime Bureau. While Gentile and Ramone escaped, the bust brought Amato to the attention of the Vice squad as well. Soon the arms dealer's house had been covertly bugged, allowing his police and Federal pursuers to record any conversation had had within the building (including his frequent abuse of his wife).

Arrest and death

When Crockett and Tubbs learned of Amato's deal with DuPass, they had Tubbs take DuPass' place, posing as the buyer to entrap Amato with the Stingers. The operation was a success, and Amato was taken into custody. However, on the courthouse steps before his arraignment, Amato was freed by a group of Federal agents (likely from the CIA) who explained that they had been using him to covertly supply "certain factions in Central and South America" without embarrassing the Federal government. Rita arrived just in time to witness her husband being released; overcome by despair, she promptly pulled a gun and shot him (presumably dead).