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Tommy Lowe


Manager, Caitlin Davies and the Blowguns
Deceased, killed in car bomb explosion
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Tommy Lowe was a manager of several recording artists, including Caitlin Davies and the Blowguns, and worked closely with executives Paul Fremont and Gordon Wiggins. When Caitlin hired Lowe as her band's manager, he was the "hot" manager at that time, but he took all the band's money, and gradually Caitlin's group fell apart; her drummer OD'd on drugs, her guitarist joined a cult, and her bassist (and boyfriend) Will sued Lowe, after which Lowe sent three heavies to kill Will, but Caitlin never could prove it. Lowe was also involved in payola, and it was during such a deal involving Benny Rose, a VP of special events and advertising, and a new Porsche, when Lowe was busted by the US Attorney's Racketeering Strike Force. Not willing to do time ("your own grandmother won't return your calls, you're DEAD!") he enlisted attorney Ralph Fisher to have Fremont and Wiggins call in markers to avoid jail, but both Fremont and Wiggins want him to fall on his sword and do his time, but Lowe, still unwilling to comply, tried unsuccessfully to have Caitlin killed, then Fremont and Wiggins sent him a tape of another band, when he put it into his Porsche's tape player, an explosion occurred, killing Lowe.