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Tom Pierce


Gubernatorial Candidate in 1988
Campaigning for Florida governor, outcome unknown
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Thomas Pierce is a former errand boy working in a law firm with Grover Watkins and Clark Kimball, moving up to partner in Cannon-McCarthy, then going into politics, rapidly advancing by being on the "right" side of every issue, winning races in State Senate and Congress, and ran for Governor of Florida in 1988, but his propensity for getting caught in compromising positions catches up with him, and he was caught on a rolling "house of ill repute" with his pants down to his ankles, but the D.A. Andrea Sirelli (a Pierce supporter) refused to prosecute, but political damage was done and his poll numbers plummeted. Pierce's campaign manager, David Macklin, went to OCB with Deputy Police Commissioner Hazlitt to try to talk to the arresting officers, James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, but get nowhere. Pierce was about to give a campaign speech when a reporter for the Miami Record, Hank Frazier, talks to him alone about an undisclosed matter, and Pierce unexpectedly withdraws from the race. Pierce's campaign worker Barry Bloom was fired by Pierce's wife Annie (who wants to be First Lady more than her husband wants to be governor) because he took Pierce to that train and caused his predicament. After Frazier's death at the hands of bookie muscle, Pierce (now freed from the blackmail hung over him by Frazier's information) returned to the race, an absence of three weeks. How Pierce fared against his opponent Myles Cowan is unknown.