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Tim Duryea


Metro-Dade Detective
Partner of Dickey Hawkins
Facing IAD investigation for his actions at The Maze
Episode Appeared In
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Tim Duryea is a Metro-Dade detective and partner of Dickey Hawkins. He and Hawkins were talking shop with James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs when the Escobars began assaulting and vandalizing a storefront. Hawkins and Duryea charged down the street after them, "John Wayne" style, when Raul Escobar began shooting, killing Hawkins and letting the brothers get away. Crockett blamed Duyrea's tactics for Hawkins' death, and Martin "Marty" Castillo reluctantly allowed Duryea to be part of the operation against the Escobars at the Maze hotel. But again, Duryea's impatience and thirst for revenge got the best of him, and he began another "John Wayne" charge at the Maze, which caused the operation to become a hostage situation. Castillo wanted to send Duryea home after that but due to manpower needs he allowed Duryea to stay (but not to leave the command center until the final assault). When the final assault occurred, Duryea nearly gunned down Jaime Escobar and Tubbs, but was stopped by Tubbs, who dressed Duryea down, calling him "trigger-happy" and that he didn't deserve to be a cop by his recent actions.