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Tim Davis


Brother of Sara Davis
Deceased, shot dead in 1986 by Max Rogo
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Tim Davis is the brother of Sara Davis, who arranged with Charlie Glide for Sara to mule in 5 balloons of cocaine in exchange for $5000 that she used to buy a BMW, but Sara died from a ruptured balloon of cocaine in her GI tract (one of five total in her), and when he went to see his sister, he was met by her friend and detective, James "Sonny" Crockett and Tim's cold reaction to his sister's death (asking "where's the body?") led Crockett to take him to jail, where Davis revealed Sara's reasons for muling drugs, and Crockett goes to see Glide for a deal of his own. Tim later sees Glide's assistant Max Rogo offering "expensive information" (to reveal Crockett as a cop) but instead Max accuses Tim of screwing up the deal and shoots him dead.