Thomas G. Waites


Miami Vice Character
DEA Agent Thompson ("Bushido")
January 8, 1955, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thomas G. Waites (born January 8, 1955) is an American actor, who appeared in the show Miami Vice as DEA Agent Thompson, who was working with the Vice team on the Herrera case, instead ended up in the men's room "with his pants around his ankles" in the episode "Bushido".


Waites was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He got his acting start in the 1976 TV movie The Other Side of Victory, then his film debut in 1978's On the Yard (with J.C. Quinn and John Heard). His other film roles include The Warriors (with David Patrick Kelly, John Snyder, and James Remar), ...and Justice For All, State of Grace (with John Turturro), The Verne Miller Story (with Lucinda Jenney, Xander Berkeley, and Vyto Ruginis), McBain (with Jay Patterson), Money Train (with Wesley Snipes), Rites of Passage (with James Remar and Dean Stockwell), American Virgin (with Esai Morales), and his most recent film, 2012's Broadway's Finest (with Larry Pine).

Waites' TV roles include Crime Story (with Dennis Farina), two episodes of The Equalizer (one with Matthew Cowles), All My Children and Another World, Sliders (with Cleavant Derricks), 2 episodes of NYPD Blue (with Jimmy Smits), Oz (with Rita Moreno & Terry Kinney), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (with Vincent D'Onofrio), Law & Order, and his most recent TV appearance, in a 2018 episode of Homeland. He currently runs the TGW Acting Studio in New York City.

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