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Dr. Theresa Lyons


ER Doctor
Sent to Drug Abuse Clinic in Connecticut
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Dr. Theresa Lyons is an emergency room doctor in Miami. Around 1983 Theresa had a back injury that required surgery, and took the painkiller Dilaudid during her recovery, which eventually blossomed into a full-blown addiction. Theresa began obtaining the drugs through her position as a doctor before receiving warnings from the Board of Medicine threatening her license if she continued, so she began getting the drugs off the street. Theresa also met and fell in love with Metro-Dade Detective James "Sonny" Crockett, who happened to be working a case involving Joey Wyatt, whose middleman Rudy Ramos was supplying the drugs to Theresa. When Wyatt was busted by Crockett, Ramos went to see Theresa (knowing her relationship with Crockett) and demanded she provide the location of the Metro-Dade evidence locker or she won't get any more drugs and she would be exposed to the Board. After the evidence locker is blown up (and two cops died) a document belonging to Crockett was at the scene, and Crockett knew it came from his boat, and Theresa was there, when Crockett confronted her, she broke down and admitted her addiction, for which Crockett immediately got her help at a local treatment center. However, Theresa knew she could cost Crockett his job, and when the Board got wind of her conduct she could lose her job as well, but wants to help Crockett take Wyatt down (because all of the previous evidence was lost in the explosion), but Crockett doesn't want Theresa involved and decides to take the risk himself. Theresa later attempted suicide by OD after getting an ominous call from the Board, but she recovers and Crockett, despite his deep love for her (nearly proposing marriage) and Theresa's pleas to stay with him, agreed that she go to Hartford, Connecticut, to a special treatment program for addicted doctors, with Crockett only wanting Theresa to recover from her addiction.