The Waterboys
Miami Vice Performer
Members (Original)
Mike Scott (born 1958, vocals/guitar)
Anthony Thistlethwaite (born 1955, bass)
Roddy Lorimer (born 1953, horns)
Karl Wallinger (born 1957, keyboards)
Kevin Wilkinson (1957-1999, drums)

The Waterboys are an Scottish band whose song "Be My Enemy" appeared in the episodes "Lend Me an Ear" and "A Bullet for Crockett" of the series Miami Vice.


The band was founded in 1983 by Mike Scott and Anthony Thistlewaite, who brought in Roddy Lorimer, Karl Wallinger, and Kevin Wilkinson. Their sound, which is a combination of folk and rock-and-roll, was referred to as "The Big Sound", and was used to describe other bands such as Simple Minds, The Alarm, and Big Country. In 1985 Wallinger left The Waterboys to found World Party. They had no singles or albums chart in the US, and had one Top 10 single ("The Whole of the Moon") in the UK, but they released six studio albums between 1983-1993 and five between 2000-17. The Waterboys went on hiatus in 1996 and returned in 2000, but Scott and Thistlewaite were the only original members remaining. The band grew to a nine-member group for tours through Europe in 2017.

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