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The Power Station


Miami Vice Performer
Robert Palmer (1949-2003, vocals)
John Taylor (born 1960, bass)
Andy Taylor (born 1961, guitar)
Tony Thompson (1954-2003, drums)
Michael Des Barres (born 1948, vocals)
Miami Vice Character
House Band ("Whatever Works")

The Power Station is a "supergroup" whose song "(Bang a Gong) Get It On" was performed live (as a house band) in the episode "Whatever Works" of the show Miami Vice.


The Power Station was formed in 1984 during a "split" in Duran Duran (Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor formed Arcadia, a primarily melodic sounding group) when John and Andy Taylor hooked up with former Chic drummer Tony Thompson, producer/manager Bernard Edwards, and vocalist Robert Palmer. The group released their album The Power Station (produced by Edwards with informal assistance from Nile Rodgers) and their two singles, "Some Like It Hot" and "(Bang a Gong) Get It On" both reached the Billboard Top 10. The original lineup only performed in public once, on the TV show Saturday Night Live. In 1985 the band decided to tour, but Palmer wanted to return to his solo career which had been augmented by his Power Station appearance. Palmer recorded the album Riptide which produced a #1 solo hit (and featured Edwards, Andy Taylor and Thompson). After Palmer left, he was replaced by Michael Des Barres, and that lineup appeared at Live Aid. They also recorded the song "We Fight For Love" for the Arnold Schwarzenegger action film Commando. The band broke up in 1986 after their tour but reunited ten years later with the entire original lineup, recording the album Living In Fear and planning a reunion tour. Bernard Edwards stepped in as bassist after John Taylor's withdrawal from the band before the album was finished, leading to the tour being completed with Guy Pratt, Manny Yanes, and Luke Morley as replacements. This resulted in moderate success and the group permanently disbanded the following year. Founding members Palmer and Thompson both died in 2003.