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17 (17th overall)
February 22, 1985
Repeat Airdate
June 28, 1985
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"The Maze" is the seventeenth episode of Miami Vice's first season. It premiered on February 22, 1985, and was rerun on June 28, 1985.


Criminals hold a group of homeless people -- including an undercover Tubbs -- hostage in a rundown hotel.


Crockett and Tubbs are talking shop with Detectives Tim Duryea and Dickey Hawkins, discussing how the neighborhood has improved in six months due to watch programs, community cooperation and hard work, when a group of thugs break windows and assault the owner. The cops intervene but the thugs shoot Hawkins (after he and Duryea charge down the street after the thugs), killing him. Crockett chases one of them into a shopping mall, but he escapes after a shootout.

At OCB, Crockett blames Duryea and his John Wayne-style tactics for Hawkins' death. Castillo can do nothing but file a report, and Homicide wants Vice to help them on this case, as no one in the neighborhood will talk. The Escobar brothers are alleged to be responsible for the shooting; they were merely small-time cocaine dealers until they became cop-killers. Crockett canvasses the neighborhood and gets nothing. They find a dancer named Pepe in a club and ask him about the Escobars. He no longer runs with the group, but knows they are holed up in the Maze, an abandoned hotel large enough to get lost in.

Crockett has Switek and Zito go to the building owner and get blueprints of the Maze. Castillo makes plans to surround and enter the building. Duryea, still reeling from his partner's death and hungry for revenge, makes some outlandish suggestions at the meeting in OCB which are ignored. Castillo sends Tubbs in to evacuate the squatters inside, as he is better acclimated to their language. The police surround the building and Tubbs goes in. Duryea, impatient with the slow pace of things, charges the building, which gets the attention of the Escobars. After a brief exchange of gunfire the cops attempt to rush the building, but the Escobars threaten to kill all the families inside, taking Tubbs as another hostage, and the cops retreat.

Castillo orders Duryea to stay inside the command area until the final assault, while Lt. Jack Davis, a hostage specialist, takes charge of the situation and resolves to get all the hostages, including Tubbs, out safely. Castillo assures Crockett that Davis has lots of experience in these types of situations, and asks him to stay cool to help Tubbs. The Escobars are getting impatient with the hostages, especially the crying babies. When Davis speaks to Raul Escobar via megaphone, Raul demands a helicopter to the Bahamas and $100,000, or the hostages are dead. Davis asks that the women and children be released as good faith, but they refuse. Elio Escobar makes a move on Gabriella, but her brother Georges intervenes, and is almost shot. Elio takes her again, and this time Georges charges in (despite Tubbs' pleas not to), only to be shot dead, and his body is dumped outside.

"The Maze" a.k.a. Blue Waters Hotel

Davis proposes luring the Escobars to the roof with a helicopter, and urges Raul to release the kids before the helicopter arrives. Raul, tired of the crying babies, agrees, and the cops pick them up. Tubbs is tied up and beaten by the Escobars, while warning them they are only making more trouble for themselves. Crockett volunteers to sneak in and guide the assault teams to the hostages. Tubbs works on Jaime Escobar, trying to convince him that his brothers are leading him to jail or worse. Crockett gets inside the building, locates the hostages and notifies Davis, who orders SRT in. Hearing the helicopter approach, the Escobars order everyone except Tubbs to the roof, and leaves Jaime to guard him. Tubbs lures Jaime over with a fake itch, which allows Tubbs to get to his gun and order Jaime to release him. Raul encounters the SRT squad, who gets them to back off when he holds a gun to Gabriella's head, but the other squatters get away. Tubbs kills Xavier Escobar and takes Jaime with him. They run into a group of cops led by Duryea, who nearly shoots Jaime and Tubbs. Tubbs tells Duryea he doesn't deserve to be a cop and leaves Jaime with them. Crockett pursues and kills Elio, while Raul makes it to the roof with Gabriella as his hostage, when Crockett, Tubbs and several SRT police corner him with guns pointed. Raul, after holding his gun to Gabriella's head again, finally breaks down, crying "I'm sorry!", as he surrenders. Raul is handcuffed and Gabriella led away as Crockett and Tubbs face each other, the last two cops to come out of The Maze.


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  • When Elio Escobar shouts to his brothers in the pickup to throw him a gun so he can cover them, his lips clearly aren't moving.
  • When the first two officers from the tactical unit start firing at the building after Duryea charges in, the man on the left is seen repeatedly pumping his shotgun, despite the fact he is clearly not firing.
  • While talking with Castillo outside the room where SRT has set up, Crockett mentions, "Four hours isn't a lot of time, Lieutenant." However, at this point, the Escobars have made no demands and no time limit has been set. They don't give the police a four hour deadline until Jack Davis first talks with them over loudspeaker later on.
  • In addition to the four identified Escobars (Raul, Elio, Jaime and Xavier), a fifth brother, whose name is revealed to be Manuel in the episode's credits, can be seen inside the Maze, wearing a green jacket and black hat. At the end of the episode, Manuel disappears without explanation -- he is last seen telling Raul that everything is quiet outside before they begin moving the hostages to the roof, but following this he is never seen or mentioned again.
  • When Elio opens fire on Crockett just before he is killed, he moves forwards, away from the window he is standing in front of. When Crockett then shoots him, he is suddenly right back in front of the window, so that he can be blown out of it.
  • When Crockett crawls through the little hole in the wall to get inside the building, there are only pieces of rock right in front of the hole. However, when you see him crawl in from inside the building in the next shot, you can clearly see pillows on the ground outside the hole, probably to make crawling through the hole more comfortable for Don Johnson.

Production Notes

  • Filmed: January 23, 1985 - February 1, 1985
  • Production Number: 59523
  • Production Order: 17

Filming Locations

  • Seybold Building, 36 NE 1st Street Downtown Miami (Mall during opening)
  • Blue Waters Hotel, 73rd Street/Ocean Terrace Drive, Miami Beach (The Maze, used again in "French Twist", demolished in May, 1987)



  • "Deney Terrio, eat your heart out!" -- Tubbs to Pepe in club
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen, this year's Nobel Peace Prize goes to...Tim Duryea!" -- Crockett commenting on Duryea's suggestion the squatters inside the Maze duck when the police bust in
  • "You're trigger-happy, man! You don't deserve to be a cop!" -- Tubbs to Duryea after nearly shooting he and Jaime
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