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The Church


Miami Vice Performer
Members (original)
Steve Kilbey (born 1954, vocal/bass guitar)
Peter Koppes (born 1955, guitar)
Marty Willson-Piper (born 1958, guitar)
Nick Ward (drums)

The Church is an Australian new wave-progressive rock band whose songs "Blood Money" (in "Heart of Night") and "Under the Milky Way" (in "Asian Cut") appeared in the series Miami Vice.


The band was formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1980, with original members Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, and Marty Willson (later joined by Nick Ward). None of their first three albums (Of Skins and Heart from 1981, The Blurred Crusade from 1982, and Seance from 1983) charted in the US, but had moderate success in their native Australia. In 1981 Ward was replaced by Richard Ploog. Their fourth album, 1986's Heyday, was the first to chart in the US, but it was their 1988 release, Starfish, that spurred US interest in the band, as it was certified Gold, and the single "Under the Milky Way" reached the Billboard Top 40. "Blood Money" and "Reptile" were other tracks from the album that were popular. Their next two albums; 1990's Golden Afternoon Fix and 1992's Priest=Aura (during which Ploog was replaced by Jay Dee Daugherty, also Koppes left and was not replaced) also charted in both the US and Australia, and they continued to play to sold-out shows, but the departure of Koppes (and Daugherty, but was replaced by Tim Powles) left a void and the band's sales and mainstream appeal began to wane. In 1998 Koppes returned and the band's popularity and music began to improve, and in 2010 to celebrate their 30th anniversary the band had a worldwide tour, including the US, Europe, and their native land. They also toured for their album releases in 2014 and 2017. The Church has released 25 albums in 40 years, their most recent in 2017, Man Woman Death Life Infinity.

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