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The Best of Miami Vice is a 2004 album by Jan Hammer, consisting entirely of instrumental pieces he composed for Miami Vice by Jan Hammer. It contains a selection of score music from season 1 and season 3 of the show.


  • This is one of no less than five Miami Vice soundtrack albums released with the title The Best of Miami Vice, and the only one not to be a compilation of popular music used on the show. The others were released in 1989, 1994, 1996 and 2006.
  • The track "South Beach" never appeared in any episodes of the series, although it was originally composed for use on Miami Vice. The episode it was set to appear in, and the reason it was later dropped, are not known.
  • The majority of the tracks are taken from season 1, with just two from season 3 and none at all from seasons 2 or 4 (plus the unreleased "South Beach").

Track Listing

Track Title Time Notes/(First) Appears
1 "Miami Vice Theme" 1:00 Opening of every episode
2 "Crockett's Theme" 3:32 Single version; first heard in "Stone's War"
3 "Voodoo Dance" 3:48 "Calderone's Return (Part II)"
4 "South Beach" 3:23 Never appeared on the show
5 "Lombard Trial" 2:35 "Lombard"
6 "Boat Party" 3:06 "Cool Runnin'"
7 "Candy" 3:03 "Golden Triangle (Part I)"
8 "Angelina Flashback" 3:26 "Calderone's Return (Part II)"
9 "Rain" 2:33 "Milk Run"
10 "Clues" 3:53 "The Home Invaders"
11 "The Talk" 5:11 "Evan"
12 "Gina" 3:01 "Brother's Keeper"
13 "Airport Swap" 2:20 "No Exit"
14 "Runaround" 3:22 "Little Prince"
15 "El Viejo Mix" 3:05 "El Viejo"