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Terrence "Terry" Baines


Professor in Dream Reality at Bradfield College
Deceased, died after slipping off ledge of building
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Terrence "Terry" Baines was a professor of dream reality at Miami's Bradfield College. Baines graduated from Harvard at the age of 16 with a degree in abnormal psychology, and began teaching shortly thereafter, but his using of Edgar Allen Poe's Eureka instead of the traditional dream interpretations of Sigmund Freud caused conflict between him and the school's administration. He was accepted for a fellowship at the Menninger Clinic, but left under a cloud of controversy after his roommate committed suicide, then met a woman named Lisa Wells, a patent lawyer, who pressured Baines to marry her, after which she ended up dead in a "boating accident", and at Bradfield, Baines developed, with approval and funding from the college, a drug called Bliss, which was originally designed for terminally ill patients but when the conservative administration pulled his funding, Baines turned Bliss into a designer hallucinogen and began testing it on students with the help of two goons, Pig and Antonio, who guide the testee/victim to walk into the road ahead, which is actually a mirage created by the drug, and the victim falls off a building to their death, which was the fate suffered by Peter Ladd, who was being watched by Joey Hardin, a Metro-Dade Detective investigating Baines, and he, along with the new Young Criminals Unit, infiltrated the college, one of which, Ray Mundy, began a sexual relationship with Claire, one of Baines' students, which is discovered by Baines, who cause both to die in an auto accident under suspicious circumstances. Baines then tries the drug on Jack Andrews, another undercover detective, who nearly is killed by a semi-truck he thought was a cruise ship, but Hardin saved him. Later Hardin and Andrews go up on the same building that Ladd fell off of planning to kill Andrews, then after Baines admits to killing Lisa and Ladd, Hardin orders Baines to freeze, Pig and Antonio are stopped by Andrews, and Baines slips off the side of the building after slipping out of Hardin's grasp, killing him.