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Tammy Bramlette


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Tammy Bramlette (born 1975) was the daughter of Joey and Cassie Bramlette.


When Tammy's father Joey Bramlette agreed to testify against his former boss, drug dealer Enrique Ruiz, Ruiz had his men kidnap Tammy to stop her father appearing in court. Tammy was taken to a house occupied by Ruiz' men, where she was watched over by Billy Joe Higgins, another Ruiz employee. Although she was not physically harmed, she was treated with little compassion by Billy Joe, who gave her nothing but meagre bologna sandwiches and cans of beer for sustenance.

Eventually, Crockett and Tubbs helped Tammy's father and several other locals launch a raid on the compound. When Crockett entered the house, Billy Joe took Tammy hostage, threatening to kill her if the Vice cop did not let him walk away; Crockett shot Billy Joe in the head, killing him instantly before he could harm Tammy in any way. With the Colombians at the house all dead, Crockett reunited Tammy with her relieved parents.