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Sylvia Miles


Miami Vice Characters
Muriel Goldman ("The Home Invaders")
September 9, 1924, New York City, New York
June 12, 2019, Manhattan, New York (age 94, undisclosed causes)
William Miles (1948-1950, divorced)
Gerald Price (1952-58, divorced)
Ted Brown (1963-70, divorced)

Sylvia Miles (September 9, 1924 - June 12, 2019) was an Academy Award-nominated American stage and film actress. She appeared in the show Miami Vice as Miami matron Muriel Goldman, who helped Crockett & Castillo end the home invasions in the episode "The Home Invaders".


Miles was born in New York City. She began her acting career on the stage, appearing in such plays as The Iceman Cometh and The Rainmaker in the 1950s. She made the change to film, appearing in the pilot episode to The Dick Van Dyke Show, in the role that went to Rose Marie when the show was picked up. She made other television appearances in Route 66, Naked City (episode with Alix Elias), All My Children, The Equalizer, One Life To Live, Sex In The City (episode with James Remar) and her final TV appearance, in 2008's Life On Mars.

Her movie debut was in Murder, Inc. in 1960, followed by roles in Parrish and Terror In The City before her Academy Award-nominated performance as Cass, a woman who takes Joe Buck (played by Jon Voight) up for sex, not knowing he is a prostitute, in the movie Midnight Cowboy. Other movie roles for Miles include 1972's Heat (with Joe Dallesandro), Farewell, My Lovely (for which she earned her second Oscar nomination), The Sentinel, Evil Under The Sun, Wall Street and its' sequel, Money Never Sleeps (her final movie appearance), and Go Go Tales (with Burt Young).

In the 1970s, the comedian Wayland Flowers used the line "Sylvia Miles would attend the opening of an envelope" to refer to her willingness to attend any function.

Personal life/Death

Miles has reportedly been married three times, to William Miles from 1948 until their divorce in 1950, Gerald Price from 1952 until their divorce in 1958, and Ted Brown from 1963 until their divorce in 1970. Only her final marriage can be documented, however. Miles had been in declining health since a fall in her home near the end of 2018. Miles passed away on June 12, 2019, from undisclosed causes en route to a hospital in Manhattan, New York at the age of 94. She had no children.