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American working with the Russian KGB
Incarcarated (Murder, Espionage)
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Surf is an American who is working covertly with the Russian KGB. He joined up with two Russian KGB agents, Andrei and Cuzko, to track down Laura Gretsky and her son Marty to return them to Russia. They killed CIA agents Hardin and Carter (who were also tracking the Gretsky family), hacked into their computer, and put a bug on Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs' Cadillac Coupe de Ville, hoping to track down Laura. They found Laura at a Key Largo home, taken there by Jack Gretsky's friend Martin "Marty" Castillo. Laura shot Surf in the shoulder and fled into the house, while Castillo eliminated Andrei and Cuzko, Surf used Tubbs' Cadillac (which he took after a KGB hit sent Tubbs and James "Sonny" Crockett into the water) to find Laura and Marty, but Castillo challenged him with a sword (though he was weakened due to Laura stabbing him), however Surf was shot and wounded by Crockett and Tubbs.