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Metro-Dade IAD Officer
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Stroh is a Metro-Dade Officer with the Internal Affairs Division, who has a particular contempt for Vice detectives, feeling they are above the law with their flashy clothes, cars, and boats. In 1987 Stroh was assigned to investigate $250,000 of missing departmental buy money last seen with Vice Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, which they claimed was taken in a DEA raid on a drug deal with them and Esteban Montoya, but DEA indicated no authorized raid was conducted, so Stroh suspected Crockett and Tubbs kept the buy money for themselves and recommended an unpaid suspension. When Montoya was brought down and it was revealed DEA Agent Linda Colby was responsible for the "raid", Crockett and Tubbs were exonerated.

Later in 1987, Stroh began investigating Tubbs on a rape complaint filed by Faye Nell, a member of the Rev. Bill Bob Proverb's IGG congregation. Though Crockett found the charges ludicrous and obviously a setup by Proverb for arresting his wife Leona on drug charges, Stroh refused to back down until, once again, Tubbs was cleared when a rival preacher, Mason Mather, was proven to have set up Tubbs and frame Proverb.