Dr. Stillman


Chief of Surgery, Bayfront Hospital
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Dr. Stillman is Chief of Surgery at Miami's Bayfront Hospital. In 1988 wounded Metro-Dade Detective James "Sonny" Crockett was brought in with a gunshot wound to his chest. Dr. Stillman performed surgery and repaired the damage caused by the bullet, but due to the slug's proximity to Crockett's spine, he was reluctant to do the surgery himself and called on a neurosurgeon in Atlanta to remove the bullet in an attempt to avoid paralysis. But Crockett's vitals de-stabilized, Crockett began hemorrhaging and Stillman attempted to remove the bullet himself, but the slug moved closer to the spine and was forced to wait. After Crockett went into cardiac arrest and had to be revived, Stillman and the neurosurgeon were able to get the slug out, saving Crockett's life.

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