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Steve Duddy


Former Metro-Dade Policeman
Electronics and Surveillance Expert Operates Private Electronic Surveillance Business
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"Miami" Steve Duddy is a former Metro-Dade Policeman, who left the force after he was under review for a conduct charge and went into a private electronics and surveillance business, providing both offensive (bugs/mics) and defensive (sweeping, bug detection) surveillance for a price. In 1987 Duddy was hired by money launderer Alexander Dykstra to check his home for bugs. Duddy (who uses a walkman to hide the beeps and save his sanity) finds both of the bugs placed by Metro-Dade Vice and fries them with a sudden high-frequency burst, then sells Dykstra several other items. Duddy is then brought in by James "Sonny" Crockett to help them against Dykstra, and sells them gigahertz-range bugs designed to be sweeper-proof. But Duddy found them working for Dykstra and replaced them with his own bugs. Dykstra then asked to "test drive" Duddy's voice stress analyzer (a form of lie detection) on his girlfriend Trace, and when he found she was lying about sleeping with someone else, Dykstra shot her dead. Duddy then called Metro Homicide Officer Scanlon (using a voice disguise device making him sound female) to tell him about the killing, then using his bugs to monitor Dykstra's conversations, splicing together a tape of Dykstra making a deal with McGregor after McGregor was killed, and playing it so Switek would monitor it. When Dykstra discovered what Duddy was doing, he and his goons went to see Dykstra (along with Crockett and Tubbs) but Duddy's electronic surveillance proved too much and Duddy shot Dykstra dead along with one of his goons, then Crockett arrested him on obstruction charges, which were dismissed by the DA, but Crockett left an ominous message to Duddy about what he did and Crockett would be watching him...