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Sly and Robbie
Miami Vice Performer
Sly Dunbar (born 1952)
Robbie Shakespeare (born 1953)

Sly and Robbie are a Jamaican reggae duo whose songs "Destination Unknown" (in "The Home Invaders") and "Bass and Trouble" (in "Bought and Paid For" and "Payback") were featured in the series Miami Vice.


Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare have been making records since 1976, some estimates they have performed either their own material or backup instrumentation on over 200,000 recordings. They introduced the "Rub-a-Dub" style of music and using computerized sounds in the 1980s. They may have also pioneered the current (as of 2012) trend for hip-hop rap songs to have a soft sounding singer perform the chorus, with a rougher voice doing the rapping verses. They have provided rhythm sections for such acts as Black Uhuru, The Rolling Stones, Joan Armatrading, Joe Cocker, Simply Red, Sinead O'Connor, and many more. They continue to record backing instrumentals and tour today.