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Skip Mueller


Leader of the "pirates"
Brother of Lani Mueller
Deceased, killed by Jackson Crane with a flare gun
Episode Appeared In
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Skip Mueller is a sociopathic and xenophobic "trust fund baby", a grad-school dropout, brother of Lani Mueller, and leader of the "pirates", a group of "trust fund babies" who are unhappy with the South American drug dealers coming to the United States, "breeding like cockroaches", and "making things worse for you and me". His "pirates" take it upon themselves to dispose of drug dealers.

In 1986, Mueller led his "pirates" in a hot-wired Customs boat on a mission to kill the crew of a boat owned by a dealer named Moralez. After their carnage, they took the drugs on the boat, dumped rum on their dead victims' bodies, and left the customs boat abandoned in the Keys. Later they took their "booty" (eight kilos of cocaine found on the boat) to T. R. "Jumbo" Collins, but it was a rip-off, and Collins left their money in a bag, all fake. Later James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs set up a deal with the smuggler Jackson Crane to have Mueller provide boats to move arms to Central America. Mueller has other plans, to kill the cops, and when Jackson tried to get out of the deal, Lani pulled a gun on all of them and took them to her home, where Skip and the "pirates" were waiting. A gunfight erupted, when Skip pulled a gun to shoot Jackson, the pilot shot a flare gun and hit Skip, sending him into a pool, dead.