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Sirat Bandi


Agent, French CIA
Deceased, shot dead by INTERPOL Inspector Danielle Hier
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Sirat Bandi is an agent with the French CIA, highly skilled in weaponry and stealth, according to INTERPOL Inspector Danielle Hier, Bandi is "only seen when he wants to be seen". In 1986 Francois Zolan sent Hier to the United States to track down Bandi (whom he thought had "turned), who stole a package of pharmaceutical morphine from a hospital, killed the delivery driver, then nearly killed a teenager named Cindy because she took a picture of the killing. With Danielle in pursuit, Bandi then sets a booby-trap for the police at the Blue Waters Hotel, nearly killing three Vice cops, later killing again, this time the bellhop Chuck, who let him know Vice cop Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs was looking for him. Later Bandi made a deal with buyers Sullivan and Lipton for the morphine, but during the deal a gunfight began, and Danielle killed Bandi on the other side of a drawbridge.

Bandi's Mug Shot from INTERPOL