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Drug Dealer
Deceased, killed in shootout by James "Sonny" Crockett
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Silk was a pimp with an assistant, Duane, and a stable of girls, including Roxanne Young and Carla Cappoletti. He also moved pure pharma-grade cocaine for the mobster Leo Cryson by using Roxanne to mule for him, but she gave a sample to Carla, angering Silk, who confronted Roxanne, later killing her after she tried to cut Silk with a razor blade. Leo ordered Silk to bail Carla out of jail (on possession of the sample) and recover the delivery that Roxanne failed to. But "Butch" (really Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs) bailed her out first and punched Silk out when he tried to take Carla with him, later setting up a meet with Tubbs for the drugs. Silk and Duane try to kill Tubbs and Crockett, but both are shot dead by the Vice detectives, but not before Silk shot Carla's "boyfriend", Detective Vic Romano, killing him.