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Shane DuBois


Deceased, killed by Ernesto Guerrero after attempting to extort money from him
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Shane DuBois was a pimp who had as his single girl Cinder. DuBois was an employee with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), but was fired in 1988 for insubordination due to his not cutting his hair as demanded. DuBois used his access and hacked into the DMV database to run a scam where Cinder would be picked up by johns, DuBois would look up their license plates on his hacked connection to the DMV and call the johns up to extort money from them in exchange for the pictures NOT to appear in the newspapers. In 1988, Cinder picked up Ernesto Guerrero, a Chilean National Policeman, and DuBois tried the same trick, but when Guerrero showed up to pay the extorted amount, he and his assistant Ramon shot both DuBois and Cinder dead, and burned the negatives.