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Sergio Clemente


Mob Boss
Brother of Maria Rojas
Deceased, stabbed to death by Rojas
Episode Appeared In
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Sergio Clemente was a mob boss who controlled a large area of the East Coast. He has a sister, Maria Rojas, whose husband Tony Rojas was killed by Sergio, and Maria testified against her brother and, as a result, went into the Witness Protection Program. Clemente contacted the Feds to tell them he would turn state's evidence in exchange for immunity, if he could see Maria again. Special Agent Joe Dalva was brought in to facilitate Clemente's testimony, after Dalva pulled strings to get Metro-Dade to release Maria, she met her brother, hugged him, and then stabbed him to death with a knife, repeating over and over again "I had no choice, he was going to kill me!" (which one of his snipers did after Clemente's death).