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Sebastian Ross


Drug Dealer
Incarcerated, Drug Trafficking
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Sebastian Ross was an English drug trafficker, using multiple distributors to get his product in, has a pet English Bulldog, Edwina, is a deadly accurate shot with a gun, and ruthless to anyone that crosses him. In 1989, Ross used a distributor named Morales and sellers Lewis Woods, Ricky DeMaria, and Michael Santiago, but Metro-Dade police found the three boys and ordered them to surrender, when they did not a gunfight ensued, Michael was killed, Lewis and DeMaria escaped and took the load with them, intending to sell it for themselves. Ross (who saw the whole thing from his helicopter) then went looking for his missing drugs, using his cane to get DeMaria's and Lewis' locations out of Morales, a TASER on DeMaria (later killing him) for having half his load, then found Lewis with his mother, Congresswoman Madelyn Woods, and threatened to end Woods' political career if Lewis didn't come up with the rest of his shipment. After Martin "Marty" Castillo was shot by Woods' campaign manager, Dan Shaw, the police moved in and set Woods up to incriminate Ross in his dealings and killings, but Edwina sniffed out Woods' wire, then before he could kill the Congresswoman the police arrived and a shootout began, many of Ross' people were killed, including Edwina, and Ross surrendered in tears upon seeing her shot.