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Season 4 of Miami Vice featured 71 songs during the course of its 22 episodes, although Peter Gabriel's "We Do What We're Told" had previously been used in season 3 and the 6 songs used in "A Bullet for Crockett" had all featured in previous episodes of the show, while Sheena Easton's recording of "I Got You Babe" appears twice, reducing the count of unique tracks to 63.

The trend towards darker music that began with the previous season continues, with new wave and alternative acts dominating, although some lighter, more commercial pop still appears. The amount of rock music that is featured also continues to increase. Once again, the majority of the songs used are more obscure album tracks rather than singles that could be found in the charts.



Number Episode Title Artist
1 "Contempt of Court" "Call It Love" Yello
2 "Amen... Send Money" "Wrapped Up" Anita Morris (performed live)
3 "Amen... Send Money" "Satellite" The Hooters
4 "Amen... Send Money" "Black Book" Rank and File
5 "Amen... Send Money" "Together As One" Anita Morris (performed live)
6 "Death and the Lady" "Vet for the Insane" Fields of the Nephilim
7 "Death and the Lady" "Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)" Depeche Mode
8 "Death and the Lady" "The Story Never Ends" Naked Prey
9 "Death and the Lady" "Pleasure, Little Treasure" Depeche Mode
10 "Death and the Lady" "The Edge of Town" The Truth
11 "The Big Thaw" "What Is Life?" Black Uhuru
12 "The Big Thaw" "Wings of a Dove" Bob Marley and the Wailers (performed by rastafari band)
13 "The Big Thaw" "Mi Vieja" La Familia André
14 "The Big Thaw" "Wake Up and Live" Bob Marley and the Wailers
15 "Child's Play" "The Dream" Albert Collins, Robert Cray & Johnny Copeland
16 "Child's Play" "Race Against Time" U2
17 "God's Work" "Mambo Terrifico" Cal Tjader Sextet
18 "God's Work" "Nine Million Rainy Days" Jesus and Mary Chain
19 "God's Work" "Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man" Love and Rockets
20 "God's Work" "Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)" Book of Love
21 "Missing Hours" "I Got You (I Feel Good)" James Brown
22 "Missing Hours" "Paint the Road" Adrian Belew
23 "Like a Hurricane" "Domination" MC's of Rap (performed live)
24 "Like a Hurricane" "I Got You Babe" Sheena Easton
25 "Like a Hurricane" "Rubber Love" Moon and the Blowguns
26 "Like a Hurricane" "Conferring with the Moon" William Ackerman
27 "Like a Hurricane" "When He Shines" Sheena Easton
28 "The Rising Sun of Death" "Flesh for Fantasy" Billy Idol
29 "The Rising Sun of Death" "Si Senor the Hairy Grill" Yello
30 "The Rising Sun of Death" "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" The Smiths
31 "The Rising Sun of Death" "Moon on Ice" Yello
32 "Love at First Sight" "Ball of Confusion" Love and Rockets
33 "Love at First Sight" "Madness of It All" The Ward Brothers
34 "Love at First Sight" "Looking for Someone to Love" Stray Cats
35 "Love at First Sight" "Make Me a Memory (Sad Samba)" Grover Washington Jr.
36 "Love at First Sight" "I Got You Babe" Sheena Easton
37 "Rock and a Hard Place" "Devil with a Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly" Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
38 "Rock and a Hard Place" "Dirty Laundry" Don Henley
39 "Rock and a Hard Place" "Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House
40 "The Cows of October" "Theme from Red River" Dimitri Tiomkin
41 "The Cows of October" "Wagon Train from Red River" Dimitri Tiomkin
42 "The Cows of October" "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Ennio Morricone
43 "The Cows of October" "Theme from The Magnificent Seven" Elmer Bernstein
44 "Vote of Confidence" "Stand and Deliver" Mr. Mister
45 "Baseballs of Death" "Pump Up the Volume" M/A/R/R/S
46 "Baseballs of Death" "Twenty Killer Hurts" Gene Loves Jezebel
47 "Baseballs of Death" "I Can't Break Away" Big Pig
48 "Baseballs of Death" "Running on the Rocks" Shriekback
49 "Indian Wars" "Hawaiian Chance" Yello
50 "Indian Wars" "God's Gift" The Silencers
51 "Honor Among Thieves?" "Capricho Árabe" Francisco Tárrega
52 "Honor Among Thieves?" "Sweet Sixteen" Billy Idol
53 "Honor Among Thieves?" "Rag Doll" Aerosmith
54 "Badge of Dishonor"† "Glory! Glory!" Underworld
55 "Badge of Dishonor" "Eyes of a Stranger" Payola$
56 "Blood & Roses" "Sweetest Smile" Black
57 "Blood & Roses" "Dangerous Game" Tommy Shaw
58 "Blood & Roses" "Winners & Losers" Iggy Pop
59 "A Bullet for Crockett" "In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins
60 "A Bullet for Crockett" "Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House
61 "A Bullet for Crockett" "Be My Enemy" The Waterboys
62 "A Bullet for Crockett" "Diamond Field" Pat Benatar
63 "A Bullet for Crockett" "There's a River Steve Winwood
64 "A Bullet for Crockett" "Smuggler's Blues" Glenn Frey
65 "Deliver Us from Evil" "We Do What We're Told" Peter Gabriel
66 "Deliver Us from Evil" "Lazybones" Hoagy Carmichael
67 "Deliver Us from Evil" "Don't Turn Your Back" Sheena Easton
68 "Deliver Us from Evil" "Follow My Rainbow" Sheena Easton
69 "Mirror Image" "Bedbugs and Ballyhoo" Echo & The Bunnymen
70 "Mirror Image" "Money God" Big Pig
71 "Mirror Image" "Alpha Centauri" Tangerine Dream

†"Hell Hath No Fury..." contained no popular music.

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