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Season 3 of Miami Vice featured 80 songs during the course of its 24 episodes, although Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" had previously been used in season 1 and Simply Red's "Heaven" appeared in season 2, reducing the count of unique tracks to 78.

In line with the much darker tone the show adopted this season, there is a general shift away from light pop in the music that is featured, with some of the performers common across the first two seasons (e.g. Phil Collins, Tina Turner) eschewed in favour of darker, art pop and new wave acts such as Peter Gabriel, Yello and Shriekback. There is also an increase in the amount of rock and metal featured, while the trend towards more obscure music, started in season 2, is continued; for the first time, the majority of the songs used are album tracks not heard in the charts or even rare, non-album B-sides. Finally, the regular use of Latin tracks is revived, such music having been largely absent from the previous season.



Number Episode Title Artist
1 "When Irish Eyes Are Crying" "Imagine" John Lennon
2 "When Irish Eyes Are Crying" "The Last Unbroken Heart" Patti LaBelle & Bill Champlin
3 "When Irish Eyes Are Crying" "Wild Cats of Kilkenny" The Pogues
4 "Stone's War" "Mercy" Steve Jones
5 "Stone's War" "When the Rain Comes Down" Andy Taylor
6 "Stone's War" "Red Rain" Peter Gabriel
7 "Stone's War" "Lives in the Balance" Jackson Browne
8 "Killshot" "Eminence Front" The Who
9 "Killshot" "Real Wild Child (Wild One)" Iggy Pop
10 "Killshot" "Respelata" Billie, Willie & Bachiche
11 "Killshot" "You're Gonna Change" The Screaming Blue Messiahs
12 "Killshot" "Falsa" Billie, Willie & Bachiche
13 "Killshot" "Desire" Yello
14 "Killshot" "Do You Wanna Get Away?" Shannon
15 "Killshot" "Mercy Street" Peter Gabriel
16 "Walk-Alone" "Listen Like Thieves" INXS
17 "Walk-Alone" "Walk This Way" Run-D.M.C.
18 "Walk-Alone" "Gear Jammer" George Thorogood and the Destroyers
19 "Walk-Alone" "In Dulce Decorum" The Damned
20 "The Good Collar" "Condemned" One Way
21 "The Good Collar" "How Much Did You Get for Your Soul" The Pretenders
22 "The Good Collar" "Picture Book" Simply Red
23 "Shadow in the Dark" "Two Rapid Formations" Brian Eno
24 "Shadow in the Dark" "Tierra Dura" Ruben Blades
25 "El Viejo" "Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon Jovi
26 "El Viejo" "State of Emergency" Cactus World News
27 "El Viejo" "Fly on the Windscreen" Depeche Mode
28 "Better Living Through Chemistry" "Born to Be Wild" Steppenwolf
29 "Better Living Through Chemistry" "Tequila" The Champs
30 "Better Living Through Chemistry" "Sledgehammer" Peter Gabriel
31 "Baby Blues" "Movin' and Groovin'" Redds & The Boys
32 "Baby Blues" "Stop & Think" Michelle Goulet
33 "Baby Blues" "Hanging by a Thread" Mike + The Mechanics
34 "Baby Blues" "Love by You" Joan Armatrading
35 "Streetwise" "Streetwise" Don Johnson
36 "Forgive Us Our Debts" "We Do What We're Told" Peter Gabriel
37 "Forgive Us Our Debts" "Morir Soñando" Fernando Villalona
38 "Forgive Us Our Debts" "Standing on the Outside" Meat Loaf
39 "Down for the Count (Part I)" "Dance" Ratt
40 "Down for the Count (Part I)" "There's a River" Steve Winwood
41 "Down for the Count (Part II)" "Blind Faith" Corey Hart
42 "Down for the Count (Part II)" "All Along the Watchtower" The Jimi Hendrix Experience
43 "Down for the Count (Part II)" "Don't Need a Gun" Billy Idol
44 "Down for the Count (Part II)" "I Want to Make the World Turn Around" Steve Miller Band
45 "Cuba Libre" "Miami" Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
46 "Cuba Libre" "I Feel Like Holding On" Gwen Majors
47 "Cuba Libre" "Gun Law" Kane Gang
48 "Duty and Honor" "White Rabbit" Jefferson Airplane
49 "Duty and Honor" "Blood and Roses" The Smithereens
50 "Duty and Honor" "Anything" The Damned
51 "Theresa" "Jewel" Propaganda
52 "Theresa" "Wasteland" The Mission UK
53 "The Afternoon Plane" "We Touch" Loz Netto
54 "Lend Me an Ear" "Be My Enemy" The Waterboys
55 "Lend Me an Ear" "Respect Yourself" Bruce Willis
56 "Lend Me an Ear" "The Ballad of the Little Man" World Party
57 "Lend Me an Ear" "Climb" Peter Himmelmann
58 "Red Tape" "Best Adventures" Thinkman
59 "Red Tape" "Money Talks" The Alan Parsons Project
60 "Red Tape" "Closer to Heaven" The Alan Parsons Project
61 "By Hooker by Crook" "30,000 Feet" Broken Homes
62 "By Hooker by Crook" "Lavado" Bill Bergman
63 "By Hooker by Crook" "Split Decision" Steve Winwood
64 "By Hooker by Crook" "Holding Back the Years" Simply Red
65 "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" "Ride Across the River" Dire Straits
66 "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" "Heat of the Night" Bryan Adams
67 "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" "Underwaterboys" Shriekback
68 "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" "Santiago" Fernando Villalona
69 "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" "The Fashion Show" Grace Jones
70 "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" "La Vecina" Belkis Concepcion y Sus Chicas
71 "Viking Bikers from Hell" "Valhalla" Chris Barr
72 "Viking Bikers from Hell" "Who Do You Love" George Thorogood and the Destroyers
73 "Viking Bikers from Hell" "Heaven" Simply Red
74 "Viking Bikers from Hell" "Tightrope Walk" The Damned
75 "Everybody's in Showbiz" "The Leader" Chris de Burgh
76 "Everybody's in Showbiz" "The Vision" Chris de Burgh
77 "Everybody's in Showbiz" "What About Me?" Chris de Burgh
78 "Heroes of the Revolution" "Stormy Weather" Saundra Santiago
79 "Heroes of the Revolution" "Jazz Singer" Nancy Reed
80 "Heroes of the Revolution" "Someone to Watch Over Me" Saundra Santiago