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Season 2 of Miami Vice featured 96 songs during the course of its 22 episodes, although "Bass and Trouble" by Sly and Robbie appears twice, reducing the count of unique tracks to 95 (still by far the most of any season of the show).

As with season 1, the majority of the music featured is light pop, although a greater number of darker, more sombre tracks are used where appropriate. The first season's reliance on hit singles is scaled back, with a greater number of more obscure album tracks featured, while the amount of Latin music heard in the previous season is also reduced, in favor of more mainstream pop music.



Number Episode Title Artist
1 "The Prodigal Son" "Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)" Billy Ocean
2 "The Prodigal Son" "Glad" Traffic
3 "The Prodigal Son" "The Pleasure Seekers" The System
4 "The Prodigal Son" "Tell It Like It Is" Aaron Neville
5 "The Prodigal Son" "You Belong to the City" Glenn Frey
6 "The Prodigal Son" "Many Rivers to Cross" Joe Cocker
7 "The Prodigal Son" "Pride (In the Name of Love)" U2
8 "The Prodigal Son" "Do You Believe in Love" Huey Lewis and the News
9 "The Prodigal Son" "Whitestuff" Fashion
10 "The Prodigal Son" "Good Night, Ladies" Lou Reed
11 "The Prodigal Son" "Goodbye Girl" Go West
12 "The Prodigal Son" "Windswept" Bryan Ferry
13 "The Prodigal Son" "Rubbermiro" Liquid Liquid
14 "The Prodigal Son" "Take Me Home" Phil Collins
15 "Whatever Works" "Sharp Dressed Man" ZZ Top
16 "Whatever Works" "Vice" Grandmaster Melle Mel
17 "Whatever Works" "(Bang a Gong) Get It On" The Power Station (performed live)
18 "Whatever Works" "Dark Night" The Blasters
19 "Out Where the Buses Don't Run" "Baba O'Riley (Live)" The Who
20 "Out Where The Buses Don't Run" "Brothers in Arms" Dire Straits
21 "The Dutch Oven" "Women" Foreigner
22 "The Dutch Oven" "Diamond Field" Pat Benatar
23 "The Dutch Oven" "Love Is for Sale" Cleavant Derricks (performed live)
24 "The Dutch Oven" "King of Babylon" David Johansen (performed live)
25 "The Dutch Oven" "Who to Listen To" Amy Grant
26 "Buddies" "Go for Soda" Kim Mitchell
27 "Buddies" "Sweet Soul Music" Arthur Conley
28 "Buddies" "Own the Night" Chaka Khan
29 "Buddies" "No Guarantees" The Nobodys
30 "Junk Love" "True Love" Wang Chung
31 "Junk Love" "Slave to Love" Bryan Ferry
32 "Junk Love" "Little by Little" Robert Plant
33 "Tale of the Goat" "Phantom Living" The Fixx
34 "Tale of the Goat" "Transformation" Nona Hendryx
35 "Tale of the Goat" "Can't Turn Back" Red Rider
36 "Tale of the Goat" "Flesh" Todd Rundgren
37 "Bushido" "Boys and Girls" Bryan Ferry
38 "Bushido" "Hello Earth" Kate Bush
39 "Bought and Paid For" "Bass and Trouble" Sly and Robbie
40 "Bought and Paid For" "You Wear It Well" El DeBarge (performed live)
41 "Bought and Paid For" "Rhythm of the Night" El DeBarge (performed live)
42 "Bought and Paid For" "I'm So Afraid" Fleetwood Mac
43 "Bought and Paid For" "Cold Wind Blows" Karla Bonoff
44 "Back in the World" "Strange Days" The Doors
45 "Back in the World" "The Crystal Ship" The Doors
46 "Back in the World" "Five to One" The Doors
47 "Back in the World" "The Spy" The Doors
48 "Back in the World" "Roadhouse Blues" The Doors
49 "Back in the World" "Break on Through (To the Other Side)" The Doors
50 "Back in the World" "I Can't See Your Face in My Mind" The Doors
51 "Back in the World" "My Eyes Have Seen You" The Doors
52 "Phil the Shill" "Life Is a Rat Race" Phil Collins
53 "Phil the Shill" "Pick It Up (And Put It in Your Pocket)" Stan Ridgway
54 "Phil the Shill" "Nausea" Executive Slacks
55 "Phil the Shill" "Rock by Day/Roll by Night" Eugene Smith
56 "Phil the Shill" "Knock on Wood" Eric Clapton
57 "Definitely Miami" "Angry Young Man" Ted Nugent
58 "Definitely Miami" "Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile)" Gato Barbieri
59 "Definitely Miami" "Cry" Godley and Creme
60 "Yankee Dollar" "Par Avion" Mike + The Mechanics
61 "Yankee Dollar" "La Hamaquita" Papo Cadena
62 "Yankee Dollar" "The Harder They Come" Jimmy Cliff
63 "Yankee Dollar" "Your Time Is Gonna Come" Russ Ballard
64 "One Way Ticket" "Kyrie" Mr. Mister
65 "One Way Ticket" "Face the Face" Pete Townshend
66 "One Way Ticket" "Mustang Sally" Wilson Pickett
67 "Little Miss Dangerous" "Little Miss Dangerous" Ted Nugent
68 "Little Miss Dangerous" "Here Comes My Girl" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
69 "Little Miss Dangerous" "Assault and Battery" Howard Jones
70 "Little Miss Dangerous" "Order of Death" Public Image Ltd.
71 "Florence Italy" "Naughty Naughty" John Parr
72 "Florence Italy" "Sellin' the Store" Cliff Sarde
73 "Florence Italy" "Cruise Missile" Steve Morse Band
74 "Florence Italy" "Up from the Skies" The Jimi Hendrix Experience
75 "Florence Italy" "Mercury Blues" David Lindley
76 "French Twist" "Who's Zoomin' Who" Aretha Franklin
77 "The Fix" "Gambler (Instrumental Remix)" Madonna
78 "The Fix" "p:Machinery" Propaganda
79 "The Fix" "The Water's Too Deep" Jim Gilstrap
80 "Payback" "Bass and Trouble" Sly and Robbie
81 "Payback" "Soul Kitchen" X
82 "Payback" "Dancin'" Chris Isaak
83 "Payback" "Three Sisters" INXS
84 "Free Verse" "Allemande and Courante" Nancy Allen
85 "Free Verse" "Feel It Again" Honeymoon Suite
86 "Free Verse" "Institutionalized" Suicidal Tendencies (performed live)
87 "Free Verse" "Maybe the Poet" Bruce Cockburn
88 "Trust Fund Pirates" "Miami" Randy Newman
89 "Trust Fund Pirates" "Heaven" Simply Red
90 "Trust Fund Pirates" "Still in the Game" Steve Winwood
91 "Trust Fund Pirates" "La Mirada" Philip Michael Thomas
92 "Trust Fund Pirates" "Space Invader" Pretenders
93 "Trust Fund Pirates" "That Smell" Lynyrd Skynyrd
94 "Trust Fund Pirates" "What You Need" INXS
95 "Sons and Lovers" "After the Fire" Roger Daltrey
96 "Sons and Lovers" "Long, Long Way to Go" Phil Collins